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No costs, no worries

Wherever you want to go, you won’t need an Internet connection. Download any map, they’re all free.

Beat the traffic

With smart routes that avoid traffic.

Safety cameras alert

Know when you are approaching a speed-controlled zone.

Get Suggestions

Discover what’s around you. Restaurants, monuments and more, just a tap away

Time Saver

Take advantage of the traffic information. You may literally be saving years of your life.

Money Saver

Can’t afford another speeding ticket? Karta GPS has speed alerts and also speedcams information.


What do you want your map to show? Are you a minimalist or do you appreciate the 3D graphics? Make it your own.

Unique Voices

How does it sound having a Nordic God guide you on the road? Go and listen.

The Best Content

Choose where to go for dinner, check the prices and make a reservation while getting the directions.

My Places

Manage and navigate to any saved favorite spot just by tapping twice on your phone.

Smart Search

Having trouble spelling the name of the place you want to go to? No worries: our search engine can guess it for you.

Know your World

Using Karta GPS is a great way for you to learn about your surroundings and move around with confidence.